Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
  • Meeting the unique needs of today's uncommon casework.

    Uncommon Knowledge is able to strategically tailor services unique to our clients so that time and money are not exhausted, while we are efficient and effective in getting jobs done.

    "But as for me, I am filled with the power, with the Spirit of the LORD, and with justice and might...."

    Micah 3:8

    Service Changes

    Service of Process

    *As of May 21st, 2023 we will no longer be offering Service of Process services. If you need a referral please reach out to Attorney Services of Northeast Ohio. They have decades of experience and professionals ready to personalize services to suit your needs. Tell Ben Purser Lynnette referred you ;) 

    You can find them here: Attorney Services of NEO.

    All our other services will remain for your business and personal needs.


We easily meet the unique needs of domestic cases.

Domestic (family & juvenile court) cases in particular can be especially tedious. Uncommon Knowledge prioritizes each case individually, keeps in regular contact, understanding that these are people going through a real bad time. We do our best to help ease the legal process so you can focus on doing your best for your clients.


We are experienced and able to service all areas.

We take the same great care in civil cases as well. Civil litigation can get crazy and sometimes take years. Parties are often difficult to locate. We're here with you for the long haul and are able and ready to assist at every step. We have also consulted and performed research for a few criminal cases.

Beyond the Ordinary Investigations

Corruption & Fraud

Multiple types of Searches & Investigations

Ministry Projects

24 +

Years of Experience


Home Office

Keeping it small with low overhead helps keep costs reasonable.


Available Sun-Friday

We take only Sabbath rest each Saturday.

Next to nothing...

Pleased Clients

We go to great lengths to meet the great needs of clients.

A Few Crucial Points to Consider...

24/6 Consultation

We are available Sunday through Friday, whatever time of day.


If it's on the map, we can go there. If it's not on a map, I'm sure we can find it and get there just the same!


We take confidentiality deeply serious. You can be assured that with our "modern + old school mix", there are no breaches.

Economical Impact

We can tailor any service or combination of services to meet your unique needs.