Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge

Our most popular services

Our most often requested services are Service of Process (we'll make a referral), Person Locate (Skip Trace), Comprehensive Background, & Case Research

*New Services*

We are now offering Inspection Services for various industries. Need photos of a residential or commercial property? Do you need verification of occupancy/vacancy? Cars, campers, trucks, trailers, boats, you name it! We can photograph according to your specs and get the info directly to you in your time. 

Please contact us for details.

Service Changes

Service of Process

*As of May 21st, 2023 we will no longer be offering Service of Process services. If you need a referral please reach out to Attorney Services of Northeast Ohio. They have decades of experience and professionals ready to personalize services to suit your needs. Tell Ben Purser Lynnette referred you ;) 

You can find them here: Attorney Services of NEO.

All our other services will remain for your business and personal needs.

Our Services

Service of Process

Please contact Attorney Services of NEO.

Person Locate/Skip Trace

We differentiate with the term "Person Locate" because sometimes there is extra work involved when you need to physically find a person.

Please inquire with your specific needs for a quote.


We never charge for ministry work. Reach out if you believe you have information or a case.

Come take a peak at what our work supports...

Case Research

Not everything, believe it or not, is online today. Many courts still withhold many documents/casework from online access. Lots of stuff is on microfilm. If that's the case, we can perform on-site research and obtain the exact, necessary documents for you.
$25/hr, .25c/printed page, .50c/mi.

Comprehensive Background

$65 for delivered report

$35 Basic Person Search (Report)

+ $25/hr Service Hours

Great News! New Stuff!

Our sister site, APupStop.com, has launched a New Store! So, c'mon over to the Patriot Pups & Politics Shop and grab some brag gear for you and your pooch!

Working Dog Projects

We have a cadaver dog as part of our Special Investigations Ministry Team. More info to come!